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Get Paid to Surf the Web’s revolutionary Viewbar™ service has already started generating cash for members. Every day, thousands of members enjoy for the first time ever the benefits of surfing with the Viewbar™: cash, exclusive offers and – at long last – advertising coupled with cash discounts that respond to your individual interests.

In July, right out of the box, started to pay US members cash for the first 10 hours each month they spent surfing with the Viewbar™ – and up to 10 hours for each of the referrals they brought into the fastest-growing community in Cyberspace.

In August, AllAdvantage  raised the US payment plan for surfing the Web from 10 to 15 hours. Also in August, AllAdvantage released the Viewbar™ to members in the UK and Canada, making Getting Paid to Surf the Web an international phenomenon.

But this is only the beginning! Due to the success of the advertising sales team, AllAdvantage is already able to raise the hours it   pays members, who surf the Web using the Viewbar™, from 15 to 25 hours in September. With the AllAdvantage offer resulting in 2 million members in 120 days, it has been ramping up the advertising and sponsorship revenue at the same accelerated pace, in order to reach the goal of providing cash payments for up to 40 hours per month of surfing with the Viewbar™. will move towards that goal as Viewbar™ sponsorship continues to build. In the meantime, more and more members are finding that surfing with the Viewbar™ is a continual source of reward with members-only rebates, discounts and exclusive offers.




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The Revolution has BEGUN...

You can now:

You are now In Control:

AllCommunity is the FIRST community on the web that leverages the POWER of Consumer Control.

You will now get rewarded for everything you do (or don't do for that matter!)



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Join the newest Internet revolution! Membership is FREE and with your membership you will receive the privilege of sharing advertising revenue dollars with Tell your friends!




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You will earn 25p each hour that you have the Adbar open. In addition, if you refer your friends, colleagues and family sharkhunt will pay 10p for each hour they keep the Adbar open and 5p for each hour their friends, and their friends, and their friends keep the Adbar open!





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Join today and take part in a new Internet revolution where advertisers pay you to view their ads. We also give out cash and prizes. Just look for our special Desktop Horizon banner, which we randomly rotate into our system. All you have to do is signup. It’s free and only takes a minute. There are no hidden fees or obligations. Also, we guarantee that your information is kept confidential.

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